The App That Puts You in Charge When Searching for a Home


After just launching their brand in February, Southern California-based brokerage Nook Real Estate has just come out with a new app and web search platform that will change the way homebuyers seek out their dream abodes.

The team behind Nook has spent years searching for solutions on how to make the home buying process more design-centered. As a tech company, they’ve developed proprietary algorithms that make the search-by-style application possible.

In an exclusive story, shared the news that Nook Real Estate’s groundbreaking new app – Search With Style – allows house hunters to search for their next home by more than 20 architectural styles with ease and accuracy. Focused on the hottest real estate markets in California, Nook’s Search With Style solution for mobile and web, uses proprietary algorithms and innovative coding, plus real-life curators, to ensure that your results are more accurate than ever before. Read the full story and download the appnow!

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