Make Your Home a Movie Star – and Earn Thousands of Dollars

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Does your Home, Loft or Creative Space belong in the movies?

For years home owners and creative space owners have been renting out their properties to film crews. It’s a side gig that’s not uncommon in Los Angeles where the film industry is booming. Whether in reality shows, prime-time sitcoms, TV commercials or blockbusters from major film studios, many of your favorite on-screen homes are in fact real homes—lived in by ordinary people.

How Much Can You Earn?

Filming in your home or Creative Office is an opportunity to earn some significant cash—the amount can vary, depending on the budget of the production.

Fees in and around Los Angeles run anywhere from $3,000 to $35,000 for a day of filming, says Jason Jones, who owns Key Locos, a film brokerage company that coordinates and negotiates with motion picture, television and commercial production companies looking to film in Los Angeles.

Does Your Loft Have What It Takes?

If you’d like to see if your home or Creative Office Space has what it takes to be a star, contact Key Locos to photograph your location to have submitted to their long list of filming opportunities.

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